Recently went to see a play. Been a while since Iv checked out a bit of theatre. Check out my review 🙂

Love, Peace and Robbery is one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while. I must commend Shane Casey, who plays Darren and Gary played by Aidan O’Hare for their hilarious and apt portrayal of the well known and communal Cork accent. 

The play is a comic caper about two guys just out of prison. Both are on a curfew and trying to clean up their act.

While ‘drinking cans” one night they come up with a ‘fast job’ to rob a nearby post office. Need less to say it seems they will never cease their unlawful behavior. 

Garry, played by Aidan O’Hare is determined to stay out of prison and seems set on becoming a family man, that is until Darren mentions a ‘job’.  The two set to plan and follow out their mastermind heist.

To add more drollery into the mix Darren, has a talking dog. While Darren is relaxing at home smoking a joint he wafts the smoke past his “pure bread” friend. When the dog pics up the herbal sent he begins talking. Darren is delighted and literally jumps for joy! Played to comical effect, by Ciarán Bermingham, the dog brings a philosophical perspective to Darren’s troubled life. A hilarious moment. 

Ciarán Bermingham  also plays a multitude of characters to considerable quality.  The set itself is very minimal, leaving the actors to fill the stage and the audience to surrender their attention to the story,  plot and characters. 

Love Peace And Robbery by Liam Heylin is a play that offers empathy to the characters and is an apt portrayal of petty crime. It is sure to have you chucking. 


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