Chicken wrapped in bacon. Stuffed with breaded herb stuffing on a bed of kale. With white wine cream & mushroom sauce accompanied by a side of broccoli.

This dish is quick, simple, easy, relativity healthy and totally tasty.

Chicken is pre bought stuffed and wrapped in bacon. Kale and broccoli both hold a high amount of vitamins and antioxidants and should be cooked steamed.

To add a bit of texture (and taste) I made the sauce basically just chopping mushrooms adding cream, sea salt, white wine (naturally) black pepper and olive oil. Ingredients everyone might have at home or easily grab in the local store.

Although a lot of you may sometimes cook for one and don’t wish to cook meals on a daily basis, it is so worth it and gastronomically satisfying.

I don’t tend to go to much effort myself but I do go for dinners and try to be healthy. Find it is beneficial if you spend nights out enjoying a few beverages as home cooked meat and veg help with keeping a healthy body.

I’d recommend everyone to cook for themselves at least 3-4 times a week including veg in their dishes.

We all have our weaknesses mine is pizza and we are all partial to naughty indulgences but I think it is part of the mix to having a fully rounded approach to health & happy living. A little bit of what you like can’t hurt but be healthy when you can 😉



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