So my LA trip has come to an end. I love LA. I havn’t been there in years but its good to know I still hold her dear. I throughly enjoyed the weather as there had been weather reports of snow in Ireland, the UK and pretty much all over Europe and I witnessed it first hand on my trip to New York where it started snowing in the middle of the St Patrick’s day parade and basically made the event a wash out. Worst St Paddies day parade Id say New York has ever seen! Trust me to be there.

Chatting to a girl at a bar in LA and saying how everything with me is “a first” she said “so, you are on the opposite side of normal” So fucking true. Thats exactly what I am. At lest I can coin it now 😉

I much rather London as a city than New York. New York had a heart beat but London’s got a pulse! Thats what I reckon anyway and I think I am right 🙂 Ill stick with London – LA thanks.

Jet Lag was a bitch when I returned but I got through it and actually kind of enjoyed being up all night and sleeping all day. Makes a change.

For the month of April I will be working in a PR company right in London’s Soho. Then hope to plan a few more trips soon and my birthdays coming up in June. I hope it will be a productive, sunny summer ahead.

Ciao for now x



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