From Brooklyn to Manhattan Im now situated in the middle of everything. Down 8 & 6th avenues are some great little cafes and vintage stores. Also close by is the famous Hotel Chelsea. Its closed to the public for renovations but still has over 100 permanent residences. You can still enter the lobby where the art is removed from the walls and the air is dense. You can definitely sense some spirit energy floating around. If you dont already know the Hotel  was home to some greats such as, Dylan Thomas, Arther C Clarke, Arthur Miller, Pattie Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and hundreds more. Its a very interesting building and im intrigued. I will be keeping my eye on that place for when Its renovations are complete.

Went along Madison Avenue where it was surprisingly not so busy for a main street in New York. I was able to stroll in the sun, grab a fruit smoothy along the way while browsing the shops and department stores. I went for dinner in the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant which was quite pleasant and friendly. Amazing deserts. Its know for its Frozen Hot Chocolate. A delightful little restaurant. Right around the corner is Dylan’s Candy Bar. A sweet and chocolate Mecca!

Exciting stuff happening later.  I was originally planing a city tour but its the St Patricks day parade although St Patricks day is not officially until Sunday the city are putting on their Saturday parade all down av. The city will be crazy!!!  An expectant 2 million people are due to watch the parade. It will be really interesting to see the parade in its home land. The St Patricks day parade was born in New York for all the immigrant Irish here at the time and even now.

About to head to the Parade. Ill let you know if its as good in New York as all the hype predicts 😉


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