Hello ladies and (gentle) men. Im going to attempt to write a daily blog of my travels in the U.S. New York and LA. Today is day 1.  I arrived fairly late last night and only got to my place of rest at 11:30pm. So I got organised, did some stuff on the computer, debated on going to the pub, decided I was to tired and it would be wise not to so as I could awake early and get stuff done.

Awake I did bright and early. Headed in to the town of Manhattan and my objective firstly was to sort an adapter for my computer charger and phone. Viola, Got sorted in Union Square along with a sim card for my phone. Next thing was to suss out accommodation as the current place is only a 2 night stay in Brooklyn. Well if I called one number I called 100!! I went on hotel booker apps. All 12 that I have, nothing. The entire city is completely booked out for Paddys Day and some tournament!! Who knew. Well I know now! I did however eventually find a place that will cost a small fortune but hey, its that or under the Brooklyn Bridge 😉 Its not all up that expensive though compared to the 2 other rooms in the whole of New York that were left… $782 per night. Er no Ill keep looking thanks. I got a hotel for that much all up for 5 nights from  none of the other apps came through including Trivago, Hotel Tonight, Laterooms .com, ebookers, hostelworld, air bnb, blink,and ihotel. As you can see it wasn’t from lack of trying. I also rang about 50 places from my city guide. Who would ever think an entire city could be that flat out booked solid.

Anyway as the story goes i am looking forward to my Superior Double Room. Yes you read correctly 😉 This holiday went form being on a shoestring budget to being a full blown New York trip. Sure why not sure. When in Rome 😉

Once I finally got sorted I ventured around midtown walking up 5 ave and Madison ave, My long legs were worn down by the end. I was contemplating attempting to walk the length of  madison ave when I thought, its not a good idea. I peered into the Empire State (will leave it for another day) and just basically had a roam around to see what I’d find and to get my bearings. I have made a list of places to go. Here are a few quick shots I took today. I will be doing some full on site seeing from tomorrow 🙂



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