You know the way people say you should keep a dream diary? Well I think Im gona start. Iv been having the most peculiar dreams of late but last nights dream was quite pleasant…

I was an undercover spy whom was away with friends and a fellow spy, Collin Farrell, on a European trip. (I must say I quite liked the dress I was wearing in my dream, something I would never have thought to ware myself. Must see if I can find one. Black, shear, low button, just above knee length, slightly longer on the back, with slight frill on the ends mmm)  Anyway we were having a great time Collin and I, and two of our good friends who were also fellow spys.

On our trip we were taking time out to sort out a fake partnership for a fake marriage between Collin and I. But as the few days and the process went on we (of course) started to fall in love with each other unbeknown to each other as we were undercover spys having fun on holiday sorting out a fake marriage we still remained professional and kept our distance.

We were located on the Riviera (somewhere I have not yet been) Sydney, Italy and Cork Ireland. Back in the Riviera there was some minor military revolution going on that we, as spys, had to get involved in, everyone was dressed in black running through the night. We got separated. On the top of my shoe was a mobile phone that could click off if I was in trouble. I didn’t carry anything in case I got caught so as whom ever caught me would think i had no way of contacting anybody on the outside. I clicked of my secret mobile and tried calling Collin but to no avail. I found our two friends and they said he had asked them to find me and take me to a secret location.They brought me to a house miles away from the centre where we had to finalise our relationship status before they started to come after us. 

We were in a holiday home on the beach, since it hadn’t been lived in for a while it needed refreshing. I was delaying the process as much as I could as it felt awkward. There, we were able to relax for a for two to three days and come up with a plan. We decided to go to south of Italy to get hitched and there we started to have fun again.

Out side of where we were staying there was a beautiful beach and the sun shone brightly. Out side the window of our hotel where we were sat was this large rock formation where a (much braver) friend of mine had jumped from into the turquoise water below on her wedding day. So I decided in a wave of excitement to do the same. It was surprisingly  safe enough to do so even though the rock was famous for being a danger spot.

We were in a cab, all four of us,  thinking of the danger we had all just been in on the Rivera. On our way out of there in transit to the secret location I started to feel love for my fellow spy, Collin Farrell. I remember thinking of us together and going from yes to no, but oh yes. When it sadly ended as I woke up and back to reality.




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