Curious thought…

Sitting in my kitchen eating an Irish/English breakfast, my flatmates Portuguese (form Lisbon) visiter came up to me and said “Your breakfast looks complete” Yes I said. He continued “How often would you have that? Every day”? No, just every now and then (lies). Then he approached me and said, “In Lisbon we have many jokes about this. Like, Do you want to live to 50 and such, many many jokes” Yeah, I said, sometimes if I see a slap up breakfast in a cafe I look and think how disgusting! He seemed to think OK not so bad as he puts a coffee into the MICROWAVE! I never use a microwave as they are so bad plus the micro waves enter the room where the microwave is and contaminate the atmosphere. Not so healthy.

My question as I thought about it is, Have scientists or whomever actually researches the people that get Cancer, research how many of them use microwaves on a regular basis? I know it mightn’t effect a Cancer person much but it definitely does not help.

Any thoughts Id be happy to hear.


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