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It is that time of year where the veil between life and death is at its thinnest. It is the time for casting spells, for tapping into your extra sensory perception and connecting with the other side. If you think you heard something you probably did. If you think you caught something from your peripheral vision your probably right. Keep telling yourself the random noises you hear are only your imagination. Bury your head, close your eyes, block your ears but fear not – The ghost of Halloween has just been caught.  Woohahaha. Happy Halloween!!



Recently went to see a play. Been a while since Iv checked out a bit of theatre. Check out my review :)

Love, Peace and Robbery is one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while. I must commend Shane Casey, who plays Darren and Gary played by Aidan O’Hare for their hilarious and apt portrayal of the well known and communal Cork accent. 

The play is a comic caper about two guys just out of prison. Both are on a curfew and trying to clean up their act.

While ‘drinking cans” one night they come up with a ‘fast job’ to rob a nearby post office. Need less to say it seems they will never cease their unlawful behavior. 

Garry, played by Aidan O’Hare is determined to stay out of prison and seems set on becoming a family man, that is until Darren mentions a ‘job’.  The two set to plan and follow out their mastermind heist.

To add more drollery into the mix Darren, has a talking dog. While Darren is relaxing at home smoking a joint he wafts the smoke past his “pure bread” friend. When the dog pics up the herbal sent he begins talking. Darren is delighted and literally jumps for joy! Played to comical effect, by Ciarán Bermingham, the dog brings a philosophical perspective to Darren’s troubled life. A hilarious moment. 

Ciarán Bermingham  also plays a multitude of characters to considerable quality.  The set itself is very minimal, leaving the actors to fill the stage and the audience to surrender their attention to the story,  plot and characters. 

Love Peace And Robbery by Liam Heylin is a play that offers empathy to the characters and is an apt portrayal of petty crime. It is sure to have you chucking. 

Introducing Rebel Stream – Our new pet project

Originally posted on A 3D animation and film production company, based in Cork Ireland:


Looking back, now that we can, we have a very good idea of how the Arts and artists exist within the Music, Film and Television industries and thus we have decided to launch RebelStream. We have always been artists of integrity, and it is our goal to help artists of a similar temperament to get themselves out there, be it in Film, Music or Animation.

Having received support from the Cork City Council Arts Office, over the course of 2014, we will be recording, marketing and branding selected artists from Cork City. In doing so, by the end of 2014, we will have filmed, produced and edited over 100 videos which we will release on Youtube for free in order to give the Cork music scene the little helping hand it deserves.


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Life Festival is Ireland’s premier electronic music festival, held in the picturesque lakeside setting of Mullingar. May 23 -25, went off without a hitch. Despite the heavy shower of rain on the Friday afternoon arrival and continuation of sporadic spats of rain over the course of the weekend it didn’t dampen any of the 6,000 festival goers spirits.


This year, by far the largest, most enjoyable and popular venue was the Red Bull Tent. After massively expanding form a simple truck with speakers to a large expansive roof covered tent, it was able to fit a mass crowed of a few hundred sweaty and rain soaked bodies. It provided perfect  coverage and was the festivals main electronic haven.



Best and most popular DJs to play The Red Bull tent were Ben Klock who was excellently received by a full capacity audience dancing in their element.



On the main stage on the Friday night Groove Armada played their set with a mix of a lot of other artists thrown in for good generic measure. They were highly anticipated and the most commercially known of the DJs playing LIFE festival. Grove Armada played an only average set. They didn’t seem to put a lot of jig into their mix. Although they minimally satisfied the crowd and eased them into a flowing weekend of electronic debauchery.



Saturday night saw LFO headlining the Red Bull stage and they were more than surprisingly disappointing. They played what seemed to be pure experimental distortion which had no music ability, sound or dance ability. Turning to view the audience I was met by confused faces and some just getting into it cause there were there and cause they just could. Cant recall LFO being received by any genuine enjoyment. It was late in the night so the participants that were in, were in it to make most of it.



Another highly anticipated DJ on The Red Bull stage was Jamie xx whom did a fairly good live set. I couldn’t help but stare at the technic 1210s he had placed directly in front of him but put to no vinyl use. Personally disappointing but all other audio partakers were impressed with his live set.



Maurice Fulton, a house DJ form America and producer Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters, one of the most successful house tunes of the early ‘90s; played what all DJs should be banging out while playing to a busy audience live on any stage, good old fashioned recored playing vinyl.



On Maurice Fultons mini bio on LIFE Festival website it comically but unfortunate reads “ Maurice is one of those hapless individuals to which trouble swarms like wasps to a honey pot. His most recent ‘situation’ saw him arrive home to find his record collection had been sold by his jealous girlfriend who, after discovering an unsolicited e-mail from a lady fan, suspected him of playing away from home. If it’s going to happen to someone, it’s going to happen to Maurice Fulton.



The festival itself was staged on an idyllic lake side location where if only the Sun decided to join us would have been a great location to chill out, recess and recuperate during the day. Although the rain held off, the clouds held a heavy threat and remained present for the entire festival. Plenty of mud was had by all campers feet and more.


I throughly enjoyed every minute of LIFE Festival  and could have easily stayed a couple more says. I meet some great people in our temporary shared community whom I have became social media friends with and all plan to return together for LIFE Festival 2015.





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So all in all every industry I have tried my passion remains in music! I think this must clearly be a sign to get in evolved in the music industry. Im planning to set up a music PR & Promotions agency, plus tend gigs for review and learn to produce some music myself on the side. All fun and games but where does one find the time? Particularly one as lazy as me ;)  – It must be done. The time is neigh. Life short.. The moon full good for new beginnings and new ventures funnily enough.

I am also seeking a camera person to come to gigs with me and interview bands for a youtube channel. Its not easy as it will be free labour but on national and international stations so the rewards would be good. Plus free gig entry! Bonus!

If you are a camera person in Ireland give me a shout! Anyway watch this space for more random rants, music reviews, cooking shows and blatant stuff! Byeee :D

RIP Peaches


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Such a bright star, a talented writer and true Earth mother. May she remain in our harts and minds and her work be remembered. RIP.

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